What my Coachees have to say

Kind words from some of the people that I’ve had the pleasure of coaching


Janina couldn’t have come into my life in a better time. When I met her, I was undergoing a lot of changes, having just migrated to Australia. While trying to settle to a new life, I felt a little bit lost and overwhelmed. With Janina’s help and encouragement, I was able to get clarity on the bigger picture and figure out what I want in life.

During our sessions, Janina was very warm, approachable, and easy to talk to. She gives practical tips and asks great questions that makes you really reflect and discover yourself. After each session, I felt motivated and inspired to reach my goals.

Through her coaching, I have become the most confident version of myself, and able to pacify the negative thoughts and fears that I constantly have. I have become more outspoken and comfortable talking to different people. With Janina’s guidance, I was able to figure out my vision for the future and what I need to do to make that a reality. At the end of our coaching, I am one step closer to fulfill my dream of being a social entrepreneur.


“The Life Coaching sessions were one of the best and most valuable experiences in my life. I felt very comfortable with Janina from the first session on. The coaching that was perfectly adjusted to me and my needs.
Before the coaching I felt lost in my life and had no plans for the future. Through coaching I became much more determined and am no longer afraid to ask people for help. This has opened up many new possibilities. I hope I have now found a job that fits me perfectly. I have also become more content and true to myself.
I can warmly recommend Janina to anyone looking for a career and/or life coach.


The beauty of coaching is that it guides you to find the answers, and finding answers is a very powerful process.

I was going through a period of introspection, albeit it subconsciously, and I wanted to find some more meaning in my daily routine.  My main focus was finding a more enjoyable job, and one that utilized more of my individual talent. 

I went into it with an open mind and it became quite clear to me that there was more to the overall picture than just career change.  While career was and is an enormous piece of the puzzle, there was a bigger opportunity to tackle other underlying issues. The introspection I’d been subconsciously approaching was about to be properly explored.

What I got out of coaching was clarity of mind and direction.  Being able to recognize that thoughts, and in particular negative thoughts, are nothing more than words and don’t necessarily demand my attention.  I’m not as conscious of what other people think, and more confident in the path I’m taking.

It’s also made me more conscious of time in an immediate setting – not putting things off unnecessarily and thinking more in the present than future or past.

Life’s far too short, you have to grab it by the balls and live it.


I wasn’t sure where a Life Coaching would take me, but the journey was the most beautiful of my life – the journey to my true self.

Going into my first session, I wanted to find the job of my dreams. At the time, I had just quit my job and I did not really know where I wanted to take life from there. After my first session I realized there is more to life coaching than a couple of job descriptions. I set three very distinct goals – that I worked with and struggled with but by the end of my last session I had achieved my goals.

I learnt so much about myself. If I had to name the biggest change, it would be the awareness for myself – for my strengths, weaknesses, my values, my priorities, why some things are so easy for me and others challenge me a lot. I feel like I am being more aware in life now. I am aware of what situations, people, places do to me.

I think Janina’s nature is made to be a coach. She always knew when to let me discover for myself, help me along the way or push me. She gave me a lot of different tools to explore the goals I had set. I felt very comfortable opening up to her and I certainly never felt judged in any way, the opposite was the case. Janina made me feel that I am enough and taught me many things I hadn’t appreciated before – like self-love and self-care.

I am writing these lines truly from the bottom of my heart. Going out of the coaching, I have learnt so much about myself and what matters to me in life and would recommend it to anyone willing to get to know oneself better.


When I started life coaching with Janina I was disturbed due to some setbacks in my life and started losing self-confidence and self-belief. I was constantly thinking about the past and was worrying about the future.  I often felt misunderstood and was unable to concentrate on what is important. I desperately wanted to change it but didn’t know how.

The coaching process was very deep and insightful. After the first sessions I got a clear idea about how I want to change my life. Janina’s positivity and outlook towards life inspired me and she guided me in understanding my definition of an ideal life and also helped me build the strategies to achieve it. Realising my strengths and weaknesses, helped me understand and embrace myself better.

I have once again started believing in and feeling good about myself. I have become more accepting and less judging towards others and myself.  I am now able to accept “failures” and understand the reasons behind them.

I once again want to thank Janina for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.  It has touched my life in many ways.


I knew that coaching was what I needed to help me workout my next steps and that I had to commit myself to it in order to change things in my life. Little did I know how much it would help!

I had tried working on my confidence and happiness for the last few years but sometimes you just need that person by your side, away from family and friends, who can guide you to that place.

When I first connected with Janina, I had recently finished university and was unsure and apprehensive about my next steps in life. I had an idea of the path I wanted to go down but I didn’t think it was possible, nor did I think I had the confidence to land the job that I did.

Thanks to the coaching, not only have I landed my dream job but I also have methods in place to maintain my happiness. My eyes have really been opened to the importance of happiness and ways to maintain this happiness within my life. Janina said one session “A candle cannot light other candles unless it itself is lit” and this has stayed with me ever since! I have made my happiness more of a priority and concentrated on doing little things for myself that make me happy. This has meant I have found myself to be in a more positive frame of mind, which means my relationships with other people and overall wellbeing have improved.


To me, Janina is like a glowing candle in the dark: she radiates a soothing warmth and is a guiding light in times of reorientation and uncertainty. Being coached by her was both alleviating and liberating.

My goal was to find back to myself and to let go of unhealthy, self-imposed beliefs. I wanted unlearn negative behaviour and thought patterns in order to leave my stressed and ‘just coping’ self behind. Step by step, Janina helped me to take off my stiff and suffocating armour consisting of dogmas such as „only if you do xxx, you’ll be successful“, or „you should do xxx because that’s what society demands”, by providing me with the tools I needed.

My self-understanding and self-love thrived throughout the coaching series. I got to know myself better, including my strengths, needs and vulnerabilities. For the first time, I understood that putting myself first and respecting my limits and needs is crucial to my personal happiness. Through Janina’s guidance I am now, for maybe the first time ever, sympathetic towards myself. I also became a lot calmer and less dependent on others’ opinions and assurances. Another beautiful by-product is that I am more interested and open towards other people.

Altogether, I am more self-aware and self-confident. And, first and foremost, have a clearer and more loving self-perception. I am more resilient towards criticism and, when facing obstacles, more determined to follow my own path.

If I had to describe the coaching experience in three words, those would be: liberating, empowering and loving.


When I started Life Coaching with Janina I was really struggling with my self-esteem and direction in my career. I had a lot internal conflict, questioning whether or not my career was the right career for me and if I should try a new path.

I decided to do coaching when I realized that life was too short to be doing something that I didn’t enjoy. By the end of our first session I realized that all the answers that I was seeking weren’t going to be found externally and that they were already inside of me.

Being coached was empowering, joyful and authentic. The biggest change that I’ve noticed has been my boost in confidence. My anxiety and self-doubt has subsided and I am a lot more self assured. A year ago I never would have thought that I’d be in the job that I’m in now – my dream job!